17 Best Plugins for WordPress Speed Optimization

Have you ever facing problems with slow loading WordPress site? You might need a WordPress Speed Optimization for your website to improve loading speed.

Slow WordPress websites have been an issue, can be frustrating to your visitor and you may lose a visitor to your website.

Since 2010 Google has started counts the loading speed of your website for better ranking on search engines and if you want to rank better than you may need to improve the speed as good as possible.

To improve and test your web there are few simple tricks to speed up your website.

Step 1: Web hosting provider

Maybe you slowly website can be because of your hosting provider?

Choosing a web hosting provider can be the hardest task, web hosting is the most important for the website and not all web hostings are equal and not every web hosting can provide you the best experience.

That’s why there are few of requirements to make your life easier when choosing web hosting.

  • Server Location: When you are choosing a web hosting make sure it is near your location that you are serving. Servers Located close to your customers are the faster one because of the minimum latency.
  • Server Up-Time: Uptime for your servers is the most important thing and can be useful for your SEO because Google loves websites that are always updated for maximum time.
  • Support: When you are choosing hosting always make sure there is technical support them to help you with the server.
  • Hosting Space: Most of the hostings companies today are offering unlimited bandwidth and storage but if you are choosing a hosting with limited bandwidth and storage then make sure the minimum 10GB of storage and bandwidth the hosting offers for small websites. if you are run a bigger website then the safest is to choose unlimited hosting.

Step 2: Check Website Speed Frequently

Before starting to optimize your website with plugins make sure your first test your current performance of the website by using WebPagetest.

WebPagetest is website speed tester from multiple location and devices around the globe using real browser and real connection speed. This tool is free to use and always provide completely datelined statistics about you web page speed

But at the end what makes the WordPress better is all of the plugins available for you to use and improve your website.

There are plenty of optimization plugins so to help you save time I just have collected a list of the best well-worthy plugins to help you optimize your website as much as possible.

P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

P3 Plugin is created by GoDaddy and it’s measuring your site’s load time. By using P3 plugin you can narrow down anything cousing slowness on your website.

Lazy Load

Lazy Load can improve the performance of the website by improving images while using jquery.sonar to only load an image when is only visible in the viewport.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket combines all inline and external CSS in order to save it in cache folder as a new file.


Autoptimize can help you to save bandwidth and speed up your website by minimizing JS, CSS, and HTML.

WP Super Minify

WP Super Minify is lightweight plugin that minifies and cashes inline JavaScript and CSS files to speed u your webpage. By activating this plugin the source of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS will be compressed and the size will be smaller which means more helpful for your website to load faster and improve google page speed.


Imagify reduces image file sizes without losing on quality. By reducing image file sizes it makes your website load faster and boosts your SEO. After activating this plugin all your images including thumbnails, retina images, upload images will be automatically optimized for best page speed. Imagify offers three levels of compression and you can choose the one that fits your needs.

BJ Lazy Load

Another Lazy load for images and iframes to help you save bandwidth and improve your website. The images load the content as it gets close to enter the browser window when a visitor scrolls the page the same method also works with text widgets.


Most Noteworthy useful plugin that adds Google AMP functionality to your WordPress Site which makes it faster for mobile visitors. AMP is the most recommended AMP plugin the WordPress community

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is the most caching engine for WordPress with over 1 million active users. The plugin can cache files in 3 ways and if you’re not comfortable with editing PHP files then you can use simple mode.

Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is lightweight caching plugin that makes your website faster by generating static HTML files

Plugin Organizer

This plugin can allow you to change the order that your plugins are loaded

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache improves the SEO of your site by increasing website performance, reducing download times with Content delivery network(CND) integration. This plugin is trusted by over 1 million users

WP Disable

This plugin allows you to reduce HTTP request, disable emojis, disable gravatar, disable embeds, close comments after 28 days with general performance improvements.

WP Optimize

This is the most installed optimization plugins that clean your database easily and safely without manual queries.

Lazy Load For Videos

Lazy Load For Videos can help you speed up your website by replacing embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image. The Plugin improves load times and increases Google PageSpeed Score. By Loading the videos only the user click on the preview image to play the video.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is the simples and the fastest cache plugin that creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress Blog. The setup of this plugin is easy with just activation.

WP Smush.it

Smush.it allows you to resize, optimize all of your images. This tool allows you to reduce file size without losing quality, you can set a max width and height for large images and they will scale down without even you knowing it.

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